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000 - Hemp + Herb Minis for Balance


Balancing CBD Hemp + Herb Pre-Rolls

High bliss without the trip. Miss Grass 000 is a centering blend of organic full-spectrum hemp flower and organic adaptogenic herbs specially formulated to make you feel like the best version of you. This all-around, all-time, all-good smoke is as grounding as it is uplifting—like a walk in the park or a swim in a lake. Non-intoxicating CBD, CBG, and terpenes meet known vibe-boosters mullein and St. John’s wort to produce a smooth smoke in a mini pre-roll joint for an easy-going mood.

*Demand for Hemp Minis is high. Ships nationwide.

What do the 000 herbs do?
+ Mullein - soothes the lungs and respiratory system
+ St. John’s wort - soothes muscles, calms stress, and boosts mood

Will 000 get me high?
Not in the way you might expect. Miss Grass Hemp + Herb blends are made from full-spectrum* hemp flower which does include a teeny-tiny whisper of THC—less than .3%; the federally allowable legal limit. It’s not enough THC to get you *traditionally* high. However, thanks to the careful blending of special herbs, terpenes, and hemp’s non-intoxicating cannabinoids like CBD and CBG, you will definitely feel some heightened effects. Miss Grass Mini Hemp + Herb blends are formulated to make you feel really good—but not classically high.
Organic full spectrum* hemp flower. Organic food grade mullein and St. John’s wort. Rolled with love.
Hemp paper
Matchbox + stick matches
*Contains all cannabinoids including 70.05mg CBD, 115.08mg CBG, and less than the federally legal limit of .3% THC per box. 

Read the full Certificate of Analysis.
How To Use It
Open box by gently pulling the ribbon tab. A magic drawer will open and voila!—5 Miss Grass Hemp + Herb Minis just waiting to enjoy. Take a pre-roll out and roll it gently between your fingers to loosen up the flower. Remove a match from the included matchbox and strike to light. High. (In a hemp + herb way.)
Why We Love It
You asked for it and here it is: An uplifting blend in a super-smokable pre-roll and an easy-to-finish size. Made from non-intoxicating hemp + herbs that totally work—and are legal to ship to most states.

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