Miss Grass

Hemp + Herb Minis Trio


Save $15 when you buy the Trio.

A highly essential ménage à trois. All three of our best-selling Hemp + Herb Minis for a very special price. Made from organic full-spectrum hemp flower and organic adaptogenic herbs specially formulated to make you feel *just right.* For when you want a euphoric lift: XXX, made with romantic damiana, hibiscus, jasmine, and rose. For when you want to calm the f down: ZZZ, made with relaxing lavender, lemon balm, blue lotus, and skullcap. And for when you need to get re-centered: 000, made with mood-lifting St. John’s wort. All with non-intoxicating, vibe-enhancing CBD, terpenes, and lung-soothing mullein to produce a smooth smoke in a perfectly-sized mini pre-roll joint.

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