INDA Creations

Pipe Necklace


A limited-edition tool for discreet self-healing. This sleek, unique necklace transforms into a working smoking pipe for herbal blends or any other greens you might have in mind. Each piece comes with a Strike Spark Heal INDA Matchbook and mini hand-stamped INDA pouch.

Available in stainless steel or raw brass (made to change color to a vintage brass over time and with wear/use)
How To Use It
Unscrew both end caps and pack herb/flower blends into the top hollow chamber. Apply light to the packed end while drawing air through the mouthpiece at the other end. Up to eight uses per herbal pack. Piece heats up after use, handle with care. Regularly check end caps to secure tightness after each use.
Why We Love It
+ Hand assembled
+ Made in small batches in Vermont
+ Easy to clean and practically designed to fit most pipe cleaners