Rainbow CBD Bath Soak

Soak your bod in a swirly rainbow. This is a pearlescent, kaleidoscopic bath soak with soothing salts, eco-friendly glitter, and botanical extracts like chamomile and 300mg of full-spectrum CBD—all to help ease inflammation and nourish skin.
300mg full-spectrum hemp CBD, all-natural water process mineralized sodium bicarbonate, chamomile, lemongrass, shea butter, vitamin e, magnesium, arnica, polysorbate 80, citric acid, epsom salt, dead sea salt, pink Himalayan salt, organic apricot oil, organic almond oil, organic hemp seed oil, argan oil, fd&c colorant, biodegradable plastic-free glitter
How To Use It
Shake the desired amount into your bath (for best results, recommend using 1/3 of the pouch per bath).
Soak for 30+ minutes and enjoy the relaxing and kaleidoscope effects of the bath water
Why We Love It
+ Handcrafted and small-batch
+ Notes of melon, citrus, sandalwood, jasmine, grass and violet
+ Non-toxic, eco-friendly, biodegradable, cruelty-free and food-grade glitter