Herbal Blends


A delicious bouquet of flavorful and delicate herbs to support mind, body, and energy. Enjoy these food-grade herbal blends by smoking them (solo or mixed with other herb for easy micro-dosing), steeping them in tea or in a bath, or burning them as incense. Airplane Mode helps soften stress and ease you into end-of-day zen. Muse is meant to cut through the noise for more clear-headed days and fresh focus. Car Sex is heady and fun, like a bff you call when you want to make mischief.

Airplane Mode: 16g of loose-leaf rose, blue lotus, raspberry leaf, lavender, sage
Muse: 16g of loose-leaf peppermint, jasmine flower, raspberry leaf, sage
Car Sex: 16g of loose-leaf mullein, white sage, wild dagga flower, raspberry leaf
How To Use It
+ To Smoke: Combine 1 pinch of bud to every 2 pinches of herbal blend—adjust as necessary.
+ To Steep: Add 1 heaping teaspoon to a loose leaf tea infuser and steep for 3-5 minutes or sprinkle into bath
+ To Smolder: Sprinkle a tight pinch or two on a flame-safe surface, ignite, and gently blow out to burn as a fragrant incense.
Why We Love It
+ Great for mindful micro-dosing
+ Small-batch organic, food-grade herbs
+ Carefully sourced from quality farms in Portland, Oregon

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