Awmoo Pipe


It's not just a pipe, it's a piece of art. Organically shaped in glossy, glazed ceramic, this water pipe is minimalist magic. Plus, each one is perfectly sized to fit in your palm and handmade, so no two are exactly alike.

+ Ceramic
+ 4"
How To Use It
Remove stem and fill orb with 1/2 a cup of warm water. Re-insert and pack stem with your favorite flower/herb. Lift up the orb, tilt it back slightly. Apply one thumb to one hole and place lips tightly around second hole. Light the flower/herb within the stem as you inhale and listen to the pleasant bubbling. Empty the water after every session + wipe out any resin or left over herb within the stem with a warm wet towel.
Why We Love It
+ One-of-a-kind design
+ Soothing bubbling sound as you smoke
+ Handmade by ceramic artisans in Mexico City 

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