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Tanjun Pipe

Step up your stash setup with a sculptural, geometric pipe. Tanjun means "simplicity" in Japanese—but simple doesn't mean boring. You can't not "ooh" and "ahh" once you spot the glossy, candy-colored glass on a shelf—or when you watch it fill up with smoke.
+ Glass
+ ~3" x 3" x 1"
How To Use It
The bowl is the divet on the top of the pipe—place your ground up herb there before igniting. The hole at the bottom of the pipe is the mouthpiece. This is where you press your lips as you gently inhale.
Why We Love It
+ Easy to clean with an isopropyl wipe-down, hot water + soap soak (20+ mins), and a good rinse
+ Handblown, one-of-a-kind designs
+ Sturdy packaging made for re-storage as needed