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CBD Mini Vape - Rosé


Puff, puff, peace, but make it fancy. This *rose gold* mini vape aims to kick stress with 250mg of broad-spectrum CBD and refreshing notes of rosé and passionfruit—plus active cannabinoids CBC, CBG, and CBN. Made from uncut oil meticulously formulated from whole-plant hemp and independently lab-tested for purity and consistency. 

250mg broad-spectrum hemp CBD (whole-plant extract), natural flavor*
*may contain trace amounts of coconut
How To Use It
Bring to mouth, inhale slowly for a short puff or two (tip will glow when inhaling), wait a few minutes to feel effects, repeat or stop as needed.
Dose info: ~1mg per puff (0.5g uncut oil optimized for up to 300+ puffs)
Why We Love It
+ Five flavors: Stone Fruit, Blackberry, Mint, Natural, Rosé
+ Packed with 60+% cannabinoidal content
+ Comes pre-loaded, pre-charged, and ready to use—no buttons, no preheating, no waiting

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