Happy Clam CBD Everyday Oil

Think of this as eye cream for your vagina. With 50mg of CBD and moisturizing oils, it's designed to keep your quim happy, healthy, and hydrated. Use this everyday oil, well, every day—and any time your quim's in need of some tender loving care.
*Do not use with latex condoms.
50mg hemp CBD distillate, apricot oil, hazelnut oil, sweet almond oil, MCT oil, calendula, olive oil, damiana, tea tree oil, violet.
How To Use It
Apply after bathing, before bed, after sex, when PMSing or menstruating, postpartum, etc.
Dose info: ~1.5-2mg CBD per serving
Why We Love It
+ Helps moisturize delicate skin and manage inflammation and pain
+ Tea tree oil's natural antiseptic and antifungal properties help keep UTIs and yeast infections at bay
+ Damiana extract is said to have aphrodisiac properties and can be helpful for reducing vaginal dryness

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