Bloom Farms

Dream CBD Mini Vape

Puff, puff, Zzzs. This mini vape aims to kick stress and enhance relaxation with 250mg of CBD, 50mg of CBN, and herbal notes of chamomile, lavender, and valerian. Made from uncut oil meticulously formulated from whole-plant hemp and independently lab-tested for purity and consistency.
250mg broad-spectrum hemp CBD (whole-plant extract), 50mg of CBN isolate, natural flavor* *solventless full-spectrum terpene blend
How To Use It
Recommended for evening use only. Bring to mouth, inhale slowly for a short puff or two (tip will glow when inhaling), wait a few minutes to feel effects, repeat or stop as needed.
Dose info: ~1mg per puff (0.5g uncut oil optimized for up to 300+ puffs)
Why We Love It
+ All-natural herbal flavors from full-spectrum terpene blend
+ Packed with 60+% cannabinoidal content
+ Comes pre-loaded, pre-charged, and ready to use—no buttons, no preheating, no waiting

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