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Good Night CBD Tincture

Because you deserve a good night. This nighttime tincture is formulated to promote deeper rest with a one-of-a-kind blend of potent adaptogenic herbs, terpenes, and 310mg of full-spectrum CBD and CBN. Relax into REM and wake up without grogginess.
300mg of full-spectrum hemp CBD, 10mg of full-spectrum hemp CBN, MCT oil, rosemary extract, lavender essential oil, reishi fruiting body, oatstraw aerial parts, ashwagandha root, valerian root, california poppy aerial parts, skullcap aerial parts
How To Use It
Apply under tongue 15-30 minutes before bed. Suggested starting dose: ~8-17mg of hemp cannabinoids (CBD + CBN)
Dose info: 1 Dropper: 17mg | ½ Dropper: 8.5mg
Why We Love It
+ Organically grown hemp
+ USDA certified organic ingredients
+ No fillers or additives

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