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Hudson Pipe

For a dreamier smoking sesh. This disc-shaped pipe comes in transparent colored glass, giving you a close-up look at the trippy smoke billows that collect in its chamber as you burn. But its design isn't all for show—the width gives smoke more room to cool and mellow out before it hits your lips. Plus, it's a stunner you can happily show off as decor.
+ Glass
+ 3.5" diameter x .75" w
How To Use It
The bowl is the divet on the top of the pipe—place your ground up herb there before igniting. The hole to the left of the bowl is the mouthpiece. This is where you press your lips as you gently inhale. If your piece has a carb (for better intake control), cover the hole with your thumb while you ignite your herb and inhale. Once the pipe’s chamber (the inside) is filled with smoke, release your thumb as you gently inhale.
Why We Love It
+ Easy to clean with an isopropyl wipe-down, hot water + soap soak (20+ mins), and a good rinse
+ Handblown, one-of-a-kind designs
+ Sturdy packaging made for re-storage as needed